Ad hoc sessions


Personal Training (PT)

We highly recommend that you sign up for our online training plan Run Fit: Fusion but if you wish to incorporate some 1on1 sessions we’d be happy to help. We offer sessions in running and strength & conditions or a mix of both. For more info or to book contact us below.

Group Training

Don’t fancy training on your own, or need a little bit more of a push? Why not book a session to attend with friends. You may not get the full attention but it’s fun and cheaper! You’l also get plenty of encouragement and that friendly competition. Contact us below to book.

Workplace Training

Do you run a business? Are your employees sat at a desk all day? Why not offer them some back relief with a workplace fitness session. This can be done on their lunch break so they go back to work feeling rejuvinated and focused. Contact us for more information or to book.

Movement Assessment

Movement Assessments are a great way of working out the bodies strengths and weaknesses. This is definitely something worth doing prior to taking on a new training plan such as Run Fit: Fusion. It means that we can tailor your plan to work on the specific areas that need work.