Our Services

Running Fitness


At the heart of our coaching, is our love for running. If you love it too or wish to take it up for the first time, we can help you out. We offer personalised training plans (Run Fit: Fusion) and ad hoc sessions (Stoke only). We also have free social runs on Monday Nights (Stoke and Watford).

Physical Preperation


Physical Prep is so important, not just for running but for everyday life and wellbeing. We offer ad hoc sessions in the following: Strength & Conditioning, Running Yoga & Foam Rolling (Stoke only). You can also access tutorial videos by signing up for our app (Run Fit: Fusion).

Movement Assessment


Correct movement and posture is key. We provide a movement assessment (Stoke and Watford) that will show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are. If you are weak in a particular area we can show you exercises that will help improve and strengthen that area.

Group & Workplace Coaching


If personal training isn’t your thing and you need that extra incentive, we run small group sessions for you and your friends to work out (Stoke only). We also go in to workplaces to lead lunchtime fitness sessions (Stoke only), so why not keep your staff active and focused. 

School & Holiday Camps


We offer school coaching (Stoke only), so if your school is interested in cross country running or athletics, we’d love to come in and lead a session. We also run holiday camps in the half term and school holidays (Watford only). These usually take place at Woodside Stadium and Playing Fields.

Run Fit: Fusion


Run:Fit Fusion is our new online training platform. We provide you with a training plan and complimentary sessions. Via our website or app you can access tutorial videos and bonus content. We provide you with online support throughout your plan (available nationwide).