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To join the Run Fit: Fusion online coaching program, we firstly advise that you get a better idea of how it works by reading our Run Fit: Fusion handbook here:

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Once you have read over the handbook click below for our registration form then mail it to connorcoaching@hotmail.com to confirm completion. 

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Choose a subscription option at the bottom of the page then wait for one of our coaches to get back to you! In the meantime if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.  

Run Fit: Fusion Resources

We have also launched a members only page with resources for serious runners.  Content includes articles and videos on running drills, strength exercises and much more.

Once you have subscribed you will be given a member login and be sent a link to create a password.


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If you see an error message in your web browser when trying to subscribe, please try using Internet Explorer instead. If problems persist please get in touch at connorcoaching@hotmail.com

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