Run Fit: Fusion


What is Run Fit: Fusion?

Run Fit: Fusion is a new online training platform brought to you by Connor Coaching! The idea being is that we fuse together running with a multitude of other components to bring you a training plan that will lead not only to a fitter you but a better you!

Online Training Plan

We will email you a plan which will include running (of course!), strength, mobility and lots of other sessions! Then via the website and mobile app you will be able to access video tutorials and bonus content. You will be in the best place possible to achieve all those running goals!


There are 3 different subscription packages: Gold, Silver & Bronze. These packagaes are available for monthly subscription. With the Gold package you get full access plus we email you once a week and you have the option of a Skype call, with the Silver package you get full access plus we email you once a fortnight and with the Bronze package you get part access (this includes video tutorials) plus we email you once a month.

Registration Form

After signing up for one of our subscriptions it is necessary for you to fill in the registration form which gives us a little bit of information about you and makes it easier for us to tailor your plan. Please fill this in and email it back to

Progressive Web App

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to visit our progressive web app. Please note it's free to sign up for the app. However you will need one of the subscriptions mentioned above to access the full content of the app.

If you are viewing the app via a web browser on your mobile or tablet you can also add it to your home screen like any other app. To do this press the share icon in your web browser (the little box with the arrow) and then select add to home screen. This option is not available in some web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. But it works in Safari. Most IPhones and IPads come with Safari as standard but if you have a Samsung you may need to download Safari from the app store first.


Registration Form

Please fill in the form and email back to This must be done once payment is complete.  


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